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How to get my yard completely landscaped and cleaned out (for free)
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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
It may have been long ago...

... but jumping in the car one day and heading straight south with no earthly idea where I would end up is what allowed me to find the one and only place that has ever endeared me enough to call “home”—Galveston, Texas.

get my credit out of the dumpster
It's not that...

it affects me a whole hell of a lot right now. I use my debit card for everything and don’t have any desire to finance anything right now. I just… think maybe it could be better.

win money
I always wanted to know what it would be like to just 'WIN' some money...

...and now I finally do! I won $1875 on a 2×3x slot machine at a casino! It was the wildest thing ever and SO MUCH FUUUUUUNNNN!!! :)

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