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  1. 1. Write an eBook
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    100 people
  2. 2. Become Vegetarian
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    166 people
  3. 3. create a non-profit organization
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    190 people
  4. 4. Meet Jhumpa Lahiri
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  5. 5. Have an amazing Friend
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  6. 6. Stop caring what other people think of me
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  7. 7. complete a 5k
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  8. 8. Be More Confident
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  9. 9. Fall in love
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  10. 10. Volunteer in India
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  11. 11. Become Healthier
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  12. 12. Go to Hawaii
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  13. 13. Have a wedding
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  14. 14. Be married
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  15. 15. Lose 20 lbs
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  16. 16. Write a cookbook
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  17. 17. Write a book
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  18. 18. inspire someone
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Keep a journal
I've kept a journal for 20 years now...

That’s older than some of you.
1. You have to want to do it.
2. You have to set aside time to do it.
3. You have to do it.

I went from writing in my journal a few times a week to writing every day. And it’s not – this is what I had for breakfast – that’s how it starts when youre 12. As you mature, your writing will change, you will be able to go deeper into yourself and understand your feelings easier and faster than you ever have before. Keeping a journal really provides a vehicle to get to know yourself better. The one issue Ive found?
You’ll know what youre thinking and feeling, and you have to deal with others who have no clue. Or even worse – you can tell what they might be feeling and they still have no clue and they get mad at you for knowing how they feel… WTH.

be married
I don't merely want to "get" married

I want to be married. Married isnt somthing you get, it’s something you choose to be each day. Unfortunately, many people dont realize that until after they have gotten married.

write a poetry book
in 30 day increments

Choose 4 months, write a poem a day each of the four months. By the time youre done, youll have enough poems to create a book of poetry. Even if you chop 20, 30 or 50 poems.

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