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harmonypeacelove's Life List

  1. 1. get out of debt
    1 entry
    12,271 people
  2. 2. get in shape
    2 entries
    10,376 people
  3. 3. sell the house
    5 entries
    15 people
  4. 4. run a marathon
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    12,897 people
  5. 5. exercise at least 4 times per week
    13 people
  6. 6. use a clothesline instead of the dryer
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1 person
  7. 7. move to the country
    140 people
  8. 8. knit
    1 cheer
    250 people
  9. 9. start a family
    1 cheer
    906 people
  10. 10. re-learn to play the piano
    37 people
  11. 11. Eat healthfully
    23 people
  12. 12. learn to whistle
    594 people
  13. 13. gain self-confidence
    1 cheer
    44 people
  14. 14. lose 50 pounds
    2,894 people
  15. 15. write a book
    31,381 people

How I did it
How to brush my teeth & wash my face every night
It took me
3 months
It made me
feel grown up!

How to learn to make resin jewelry
It took me
3 weeks
It made me
satisfied & proud!

Recent entries
get in shape (read all 2 entries…)

I’m buying a treadmill tomorrow!!! I’m super excited about it! I started running with a friend of mine who had a baby about 8 mos ago… Problem is, she can’t go running until late at night, 11PM – 12AM, plus we’re both overweight individuals (clinically obese, in my case) so neither of us want to go out running in public when people could see us… so I could only go with her when I was off work, which is anywhere from 3-5 nights a week, since I work at a sleep lab & work mostly night shifts. So we went religiously for a week, but I have to say, waiting until that late at night was difficult & frankly, a bit of a pain. I’ve wanted an electric treadmill FOREVER, like I’m talking years & years (I used to run track in highschool, about 10 yrs ago, & wanted one back then too). I got a manual treadmill off a Freecycle group on Yahoo in my area, but it was really annoying to use cuz if you drag your feet the belt moves forward instead of backward, which is a tripping hazard (I almost hurt myself twice), plus you can’t change the incline, which is naturally at about 45 degree angle, unless you stack a bunch of books underneath (also not a very safe thing to do). So at best, that treadmill is good for walking only, which is still great, but I’m desperate to start running again. After only 3 runs with this friend of mine, I got to the point of gaining a second wind (only for about 20 seconds or so, but still! didn’t take long to get that level of fitness back) & I could go for just over 2 mins of running without having to stop (pretty darn good for a smoker!). So I think I could get back to the level of fitness I was in highschool, maybe even better, within 6 mos of hard work. I’m sure ready for it. Just making a huge purchase like this is enough to make me want to do it everyday, just so I don’t feel like I wasted my money. BTW, a big ticket item to me, is dropping more than $200 at once lol… The treadmill I want is at Canadian Tire, on sale right now for $449 (regular $899). It doesn’t have incline on it, which is a bit of a bummer, but it has 3 programs on it & it goes up to about 9.5 kph. Not very fast, it’s more like Jogging (I don’t like that word; to me, jogging involves some bounce in your step, which I prefer not to do) but that’s ok by me for my first “real” treadmill.

sell the house (read all 5 entries…)
off the market...

We have decided to take the house off the market.

After a great amount of stress & negotiations with a specific person who wanted to buy the house, we decided to scrap the whole thing for now & wait until at least November (but probably next February/March) to try to sell again. So this is now a long-term goal for me. Here’s what happened:
The potential buyer signed the agreement with conditions of financing & home inspection. She couldn’t get a home inspector to come when she could be here for it since she currently lives about an hr away, so she went off ours we did 3 yrs ago when we bought the house & a list we made up of things we did to the house… she got cold feet & the deal ran out. So we started canceling things, like our pre-approval for an interest rate, since we only had until the 16th of June (it was 1st June at this time) to get a finalized deal in order to get this interest rate (3.65%), cancelled the lawyer stuff, etc. Then she came back & decided she wanted the house, now on the condition we replace some boards in the deck that need replacing. We said sure, didn’t sign anything yet tho, & tried to talk with the bank & see if it had been cancelled yet or if we were still locked in, but it was already cancelled & we couldnt’ get it back… We locked in to 3.65% in February. The current interest rate is about the same as the rate we have now (about 4.85%). Plus early on there was a screw up with the bank with the first mortgage person we spoke with, who told us we qualified for $231,000 mortgage… she neglected to tell us we had to pay off our car before we could get that tho, otherwise we only qualified for $180,000 even tho there’s only $2000 left on our car loan (stupid)... Of course, all our money is tied up in the house deal, so we couldn’t afford to pay it off… So that was the big disappointment, & we didn’t find this all out until the buyer was already approved financing & just had to do her home inspection… So of course we’re going NUTS, thinking we may have sold our house, just to buy another house we’re not 100% satisfied with. So in a way, it’s better that she got cold feet & we still have our house.

SO THEN, the potential buyer says if we change our mind by Monday, she still wants to purchase…. By then, Anthony (husband) & I are so pissed off with this lady…. who the hell does she think she is, jerking us around like that?? I know she’s just looking out for herself, & it was obvious she’s never bought a house before, but SERIOUSLY…. we’re thinking like, if we do sell to her, is there any way she can come back later, like a week before close, & decide she doesn’t want to buy again?! Plus, we figured she’d be a stickler & if anything at all happened in the house (i.e. plugged drain, sump pump dies, etc.) she would try to sue us.

All in all, I’m upset that we can’t buy our dream home yet… But at the same time, I’m glad we got out of it & will be able to buy that dream home within a year. The car will be paid off, more of our debt will be paid off, we’ll have lots more saved up, & overall I think we’ll be in a much better position to buy. We learned some tough lessons, that’s for sure. I’m glad for the experience tho, & I’m glad I could share it here, hopefully someone else can learn from my mistakes!

sell the house (read all 5 entries…)
lots of movement now

Alot has happened in the last few weeks since my last entry, esp in only the last week. We had a showing on the Saturday of the long weekend which resulted in an offer the next day. We negotiated back & forth for awhile & right now we’re waiting on her to finish up with her home inspection (she’s already been approved financing; had a little hitch with getting a home inspector when she could be here for the inspection since she currently lives about 1 1/2 hrs away). She has until tomorrow to waive or fulfil her conditions.

We went out with our agent on Friday to see 5 houses, & it was between 2 houses for a while & it looks like we’ve settled on one in particular, so we’re going to see if we can get in there for the same day or a couple days after our houses closes (June 25/10)... It’s coming up very quickly!! We’ll see what happens… If it doesn’t go thru, we might take the house off the market & wait until next year to try to purchase, since we had a huge mixup at the bank, we were misinformed early on about how much house we could afford, blah blah blah, super annoying, but we’re working with a new person at the bank & so far, so good. At least she’s not afraid to tell us how it is, tell us worst case scenerio, you know, DO HER ACTUAL JOB….

I really really hope this deal goes thru, I really want to move!

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