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2010 in with a BANG!

So here I am on New Years Day. I have a long tradition with not making resolutions, that way when you don’t follow through there’s no let down. But I was very excited to have found 2 very good and motivating exercise classes that I am going to take!

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Slovak anyone?

So I was going through my Great Aunt’s stuff yesteday and found a couple of OLD postcards to my Great Grandfather from Czechoslovakia. I would imagine that it is from the 1920’s . Unfortunately I can’t read a damn thing on it. I had found another postcard a few years ago and luckily had the local priest from Poland translate it for me with the help from another old Slovak woman. I am on a mission now to learn the language and be able to throw a few sayings around to my customers that rarely get a chance to use the language.

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Here we gooooooo......

So I’ve been super busy the past few months but.. it is finally slowing down!!! I never got around to doing the “spring Cleaning” so who cares. My dogs sure don’t and they contribute most of the mess. So, I am on a mission to start clearing out the crap. My great Aunt recently passed away and going through her house and all the crap that she had that we pitched out was ridiculous.I don’t want to be that lady. I figure that a little each night here and there and I’ll be in good shape in no time! Freecycle watch out .

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