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participate in an Independent Winter Guard
I want to do guard again.

Stupid school cancelled ours so I want to go independent.

march as a color guard member for a drum corps marching band
After Senior year

I want to march all summer, non-stop guard.

learn to swing dance
I want to feel like I stepped out of an old movie

I want a guy to twirl me and dip me and swing me round and round as we dance.

learn to walk in heels
I want to walk without the wobble

I want to stand tall and not waver in my six inch stilettos.

learn calligraphy
I want to have pretty script

I want to feel the tip of the pen drag the page, leaving an inky trail of curls and swirls.

get drunk
I want to get so drunk I can't remember anyone who hurt me

I want to forget everything for just a few moments.

leave this town
I want to leave and never look back

I want to get the hell out of my small town and run off to the big city.

Grow my hair out
I want long hair again

I want my hair long and flowing

I want to get it pierced

Doubles,cartilage, naval, nose

I want to rebel

I want to go out and get a meaningful tattoo while I’m in college

study abroad
I want to leave the country and live.

I want to be a Parisian for a year of my life.

get into college
I want to go to college...

I want to live in the dorms and live on diet coke and coffee.

Move to Chicago
I want to get out of my hometown and live in Chicago.

I want to go to school in a big city like Chicago.

go to France
I want to live in Paris.

I want to walk past the Eiffel tower everyday and drink coffee in the cliche little cafes.

meet panic! at the disco
<3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Panic! they’re one of my favorite bands.

go vegan and STAY vegan
I love animals.

I want to go vegan the day I move out and stay vegan, or at least vegetarian.

work in the music business
I want to go to college and major in music business.

I want to be able to eat, sleep, and breathe music even at work

keep negative people out of my life
I want to take in the positives...

I have enough negative, time for the positives.

become fluent in spanish
Yo hablo espanol?

I want to be able to speak spanish fluently, accent be damned.

learn to ride a motorcycle
I want to be a biker chick...

LOL JK. But I do want to be able to fly down the road, wind whipping my hair.

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