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sell my house
Trying the For-Sale-By-Owner route...

I’m no real estate expert, but we’re going to try selling privately. It’s a 3-bedroom townhouse in Summerland, BC—in the Okanagan Valley. I started by setting up a site for photos and information, which we’ve been pointing to in local newspaper ads. After an initial flurry of interest and lots of calls, it seems to be pretty quiet right now.

build a great trail (read all 2 entries…)
...without wrecking anything

In case this looks like I’m planning to go marching into the woods with a Bobcat and a chainsaw to gouge deep tracks through pristine wilderness, I thought I’d add a disclaimer.

The areas I’m talking about are criss-crossed with old logging roads, meandering singletrack and deer/cow paths. “Building” trail is really more like connecting up existing trails and rerouting the occasional unsustainable section (mostly created by dirt-bikes and ATVs creating incredibly stupid rutted lines straight up slopes).

work from home
A balance is worth shooting for...

I’ve been working from home for two years now. If you’re telecommuting for a company with an office culture, I think working at home every day could be very isolating. I’ve found that two days a week in the office goes a long way in feeling like you’re in the loop and maintaining relationships.

But MAN, is it ever nice to not have to drive in every day.

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