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  1. 1. grow wings
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  2. 2. A.R.T (Avian Rescue Team)
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  3. 3. Anonymous Skybound
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  4. 4. A home for the new
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  5. 5. become a fairy
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  6. 6. Fallen Angels Flock
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  7. 7. Help "Jeb" Give wings to others
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grow wings (read all 77 entries…)
It's been a while, my friends!

Hello there, it’s likely that no one here knows or remembers me… I was an active member here about 2 years ago. Lately I have felt a sense of longing to hear from old friends and feel the nostalgia once more :) I no longer aim to grow wings but I would love to aid and support anyone of the goal. I had some fun times with all the friends I made here and I want to give back to this place even if it’s only through encouragement and positivity ^^

grow wings (read all 77 entries…)

Hello people, it’s healer, I should prolly come on more well… if anyone remembers me. I joined back in February, so that was quite a while ago so yep I’m alive xD kinda stopped the wing spells for a few months and I’ve been focusing a bit on cosplay lately for an upcoming con, here is my cosplay group’s deviantart http://tprcosplay.deviantart.com/gallery/ and also we have a youtube we will be doing some cool hetalia stuff on

grow wings (read all 77 entries…)

Hello people, it’s healer. Perhaps I have been forgotten but I still am here occasionally, someone may remember me I hope. I first joined in February and I was pretty active for a while, but these last two months I haven’t been on much so yes I’m still here once in a while, and I haven’t forgotten about you guys.

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