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learn how to use my camera and take great pictures (read all 7 entries…)

I miss the summer and having a working camera…missing the rewind crank and screw on my canon (took this picture with my canon ae-1!) and had to finish up my roll of b&w in the pentax so I can use color film!

Meet my $2300 fundraising goal for the Komen 3-Day walk (read all 2 entries…)

9% of the way there!!! three months and ten days until I want to have all my fundraising DONE. Please help with my goals if you are able! :)


Meet my $2300 fundraising goal for the Komen 3-Day walk (read all 2 entries…)
60 miles in three days

My mom and I are doing the Komen 3-Day in August. I am walking for her (she is a 6 month survivor!!!) and for my aunt (11 year survivor), as well as for my friends’ moms who have battled breast cancer. I’m also walking for myself, because I might have the gene.
The walk itself is twenty miles a day for three days. I have my shoes (they are actually the Komen shoes for New Balance- they are dark grey and hot pink and quite fabulous!) and I am training when I can during this lovely Ohio winter. (...) So far I have raised $0- my goal is to have all of the funds raised by my birthday, June 21st, which is exactly four months from tomorrow, so that I can focus on training and flute and marching band (two high schools this year!) and my friend’s wedding, etc. My personal page is here: http://www.the3day.org/site/TR/2013/ClevelandEvent2013?px=6994512&pg=personal&fr_id=1814
If you are able to donate I would greatly appreciate it. Any kind of signal boost is also greatly appreciated; this isn’t quite the same as tumblr but any way you can spread the word would be AWESOME. I am planning on making pink zipper pouches for my etsy shop too, and everything from those will be going towards my fundraising. Please help if you can!!! I may be needing that help later in life. (Hoping that I don’t, but either way I want to work towards a better future.)

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