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Still I want And still I ache But still I wait To see you again

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Make small adjustments (read all 11 entries…)
More than small...


Make small adjustments (read all 11 entries…)
More than small...



be tolerant of views different from mine, listen without judging, name calling, shouting down or disruption. What a more civilized world it would be..... (read all 9 entries…)

Thank You

Some things would not have happened without you

And if they hadn’t

Things that were important


Never to be forgotten


find myself (read all 4 entries…)
Hard to believe...

But I seem to be pretty happy
With how things have worked out

The times have really come around

post letters here that i would never send (read all 7 entries…)
Dear (hundreds or more of people)...

Thanks for caring

Many don’t

Thanks for communicating

Thanks for the emotions

I understand that time changes
And goes on

But I can still hate it
For the erasure
Of history

In my heart will
Always love

attend more concerts (read all 14 entries…)
The newest...

Next Tuesday
5th row
front and center
Carlos Santana
Rod Stewart
Times are good

2 Of Our Favorites

Me Carlos

fall in love...again (read all 8 entries…)
You know...

When I was here all the time
on and off
for those minutes
and years
fucking hurt bad
found a new path
said hello
said I love you
Meant it
experienced euphoria
had self doubt
gained a sense of myself
this song is about
self doubt
masks that people wear
false representation
living in the past

know more about whats going on in the world (read all 14 entries…)
Good thing I got a heads up...

All things electronic
and the internet can just disappear
All that history
All those conversations
Those shared moments
I’ll never forget though…

Observe human nature (read all 67 entries…)
You want answers?...

Look deep within
isolation, alienation, experience and maturation.
Difference is the constant.
Environment molds over time.
No conclusion can be reached
given the variables.
Always a mystery…

know more about whats going on in the world (read all 14 entries…)
When I think...

Of all the ways to deal with what
might bother me.
The buttons, challenges
and events.
With all the trained
people that are available
to help
and interpret.
What fog may
Rationality leaves.

post letters here that i would never send (read all 7 entries…)
And so I deciphered from events...

that unfolded today
the receptionist at 12:02
today is getting so much worse.
The shipping person at
4.39 PM.
Have you heard the bad news today?
A /blank/ High school
kid killed himself today.
He had had dinner at
(the receptionists)
house last week.
I am so sorry
to have had this episode
to have known both people the subject matter is about
and to have entered it.
I know, trust me…

Feed the secondary economy (read all 5 entries…)
And one of the side views...

Drivers side.
The color is distressed maroon
23 years old.

Feed the secondary economy (read all 5 entries…)
Back view...

Same vehicle…

Feed the secondary economy (read all 5 entries…)
Here I go...

The decision has been made to donate my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee to a charity before the end of this year.
I’ll need a replacement.
Older? Who cares?
Modified? Fuck Yeah.
Capable? Of Course.

There is one replacement here in town.
Less miles on the unit.
Runs great.
I drove it Saturday night.

There is a better replacement 250 miles away.
Even older.
Manual Transmission.
Tough and versatile.

Thursday we will go look at it.
I have cash in pocket.

This vehicle will go anywhere and there are tens of thousands of others to get parts from should the need arise.
I even know who has my sons wrecked 1991 Jeep Cherokee chassis, engine and 4 wheel gear.

Give away a newer vehicle and buy an older?
If I can help, I should do something.

Make small adjustments (read all 11 entries…)
I'm along for the ride...

When my Mom had her own apartment
She and I had an element of control.
When Adult Protective Services became involved, she had no control and I had some.
The Assisted Living Facility that she had been living at was a 5 star facility.
But my Mom being the person that she was could not stop
going through others belongings
and threatening others.
she will be a much more controlled facility.
A psych facility.
Hey, I’ve always known.
I won’t even tell my youngest 2 brothers. They haven’t gone to see her,
so fuck them.
Being the oldest has privileges
and rights.
So overrated…

Write about some of the moments from my life in grade "B" movie script style (read all 107 entries…)

I’ll post this for you.
Of course, you might never know.
Remember how you told me what an abusive asshole he was?
How he lived to make those close to him feel small
and insignificant?
(Remember how my Mom was the same way)?
And then that first time I met him,
He told me privately how he was sure his daughter had told me what a BASTARD he was?
I told him,
I can make my own judgements
from my own observations.
Within 1 day I knew all you had told me was true.
He doesn’t talk to either of his daughters directly
and orders his wife around like a slave.
Ya, she has lung cancer too.
I knew what a fuck you were within 24 hours.
You watch your wife constantly so she can’t even talk to my partner on the phone?
We will dance on your grave you

Write about some of the moments from my life in grade "B" movie script style (read all 107 entries…)
Some thing that should be said...

From about 1968 until 78.
Minusing and plusing some days weeks and months
I succeeded, crashed and burned, survived
hid, interacted, communicated, withdrew
and came out the other side.
Age 12 to 22.
I am glad I made it.
I wouldn’t do it again for any amount of everything

vote in the 2012 presidential election

And then watching the right meltdown
was ok too.

From time to time...pass along a public service announcement for our valued readers (read all 47 entries…)
In the interest of someone appealing to the masses in a future election...

1. First of all, don’t include organized religions views in your platform.
2. Don’t be a white millionaire and act like it.
3. Don’t demean women by kissing religions ass
4. Don’t disrespect labor unions
5. Win your home state and your vice presidents home state. (LOL, what losers you were)
6. Go ahead and talk shit about American Auto Workers
7. Try not being the WORST choice in your parties PRIMARY election.
8. Don’t change your views completely in the debates.
We notice.
9. Don’t say you would eliminate FEMA.
10. Don’t be as tool of the REPUBLICAN party, the new minority party in USA.
Maybe the world.
What a Gagantor miscalculation.
Will you learn?

Make a few Heaveemetal style political ads and commercials (read all 35 entries…)
We're getting close...

A few days away from the drama.
Colorado is a swing state so we have seen a lot of the candidates. Lucky us.
Around 10 years ago, I was for the right mostly.
But the right showed me that they cared about the rich much more than everyone else.
Huge tax cuts that started the deficits right away
Where are the ads that state the deficit was almost 5 trillion when the last president left office?
A bad economy?
real estate sales were way down 2 years before bush left office. There were 6 title guarantee companies on my area in 2005. All but one was gone by 2008. The year of the last presidential election.
I deliver stuff. I know when the economy is going bad.
Because I have less work. Pretty easy to notice.
Putting all this on one side is kind of blind.
It started way before.
The last 2 years there has been lots of obstructionism by one arm of the legislature.
Some party stated that job 1 was to make sure another parties president was a 1 term president.
Way to put your policies ahead of everyone in the nation.
When this country was founded, one of the basics was Freedom Of Religion, Or, to the thinking man, Freedom FROM religion.
Many of the original immigrants were persecuted for their beliefs. And you self righteous FUCKERS want to make a rape victim carry a pregnancy to term?
A political party that incorporates such backwards dogma will never get my vote.
I’m ashamed by your never ending march to the right.
And I would guess others are too…

Religion and sex are power plays
Manipulate the people for the money they pay
Selling skin, selling God
The numbers look the same on their credit cards
Politicians say no to drugs
While we pay for wars in South America
Fighting fire with empty words
While the banks get fat
And the poor stay poor
And the rich get rich
And the cops get paid
To look away
As the one percent rules America

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