go see bodies...the exhibition at 800 pike

maybe it will come back to seattle?
i really meant to go…

finish all ten ballet classes...two down
excuses excuses

okay…i made it through six classes. i won’t go into the excuses for missing the rest, but three of them are valid. i might take it again this summer depending on my class/homework load.

always keep my camera close so i can take more pictures
camera fun...

now that i have a tiny camera that fits in my pocket, i take it everywhere. i’ve taken fun shots while out dancing and even smuggled my camera into the rapture show in my boot because they were searching bags!

vote this year

yay for the absentee ballot!
now i have no excuse to not vote…

dress up for Halloween

maybe next year…
i’m not feeling creative enough to make something and
everything i’ve looked at online is just slutty and/or boring.

one more piercing

okay…technically i got three today, but they’re all in my ears and that’s not really what i had in mind. so i’ll leave this until i decide if i’m done or not.



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