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find the right lifelong diet for my self (read all 2 entries…)

As a lot of people probably did, I treated the holiday season like a big old buffet. Starting today I had no sugar and no white carby crap. Big salad for lunch, woohoo. I am back on my vitamins too.

Go to a real rock n roll concert (read all 2 entries…)
saw joan jett

well technically i could not SEE Joan Jett from where I was but I could hear her all right. It was free and good and fun.

buy a cadillac
did it :-(

so i made a rather harebrained purchase in July and wound up with a 2007 XLR. Hated it. Too much $$$$ gas, high payments, etc. It was super sweet looking and the top down sunny drives were great but longhaul not a good idea. So I traded it in a truck and am much happier and less anxious about driving now.

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