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renovate my home

When I started this goal I meant to renovate my tiny appartment. I never got to it really. All the world travellings were my priorities then.
I still have my appartment, but in addition to it, also a lovely old countryhouse and this is the new challenge for me now – to renovate the house. Let the show begin.

travel more and more (read all 7 entries…)
7th entry on travel more and more

There are approx. 200 countries in the world today. I’ve been to 45 of them. This means, so many wonderful places to go.

The Master Plan for the 2014 – visit all the Balkan countries (in Europe). Approximately 10 new countries I’ve never been to.

visit all 7 continents
6 out of 7

I’ve visited 6 continents of total 7. One more (Antarctica) to go.

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