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  1. 1. love myself more
    671 people
  2. 2. pass my exams
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    464 people
  3. 3. inspire others
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  4. 4. be brave
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  5. 5. find love
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  6. 6. study abroad
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  7. 7. find myself
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  8. 8. get over someone
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  9. 9. be less awkward
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  10. 10. excercise regularly
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  11. 11. get a college degree
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  12. 12. stop caring what others think.
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  13. 13. Be more trusting
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  14. 14. learn to drive and get my license
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  15. 15. be more productive
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pass my exams
Just remember

I always try reminding myself that if I don’t pass a class, I’ll have to repeat which will require twice the time, twice the energy, twice the effort, twice the amount of paper and pencil used… that’s if I’m lucky because we don’t always get second chances. It seems to work for me.

be less awkward
awkwardest for sure...

I’m probably the most awkward person to ever roam Gods green earth. I have very few friends and since I went to college (2yrs now), it got much much worse. I’ve almost isolated myself completely, never go out. I don’t think I look awfully ugly or scary, but I feel people like idk fear me or something. I am very quiet and most of the time silence doesn’t bother me, it’s speaking and risking screwing things up that bothers me. I swear sometimes I’ll be in a group setting and I might have ideas to contribute, but I just don’t say anything because I hate attention and feel that they won’t accept what I say or think. I just never really know what to say at the right moments and it takes me a (long) while to open up to people I meet..ughh it’s really bad. It’s not at all healthy. Gotta fix pronto!


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