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  1. 1. i want to become an editor
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  2. 2. never apologize for being me
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  3. 3. get in shape
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  4. 4. Practice Yoga
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  5. 5. not give up
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  6. 6. keep a daily journal
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  7. 7. be nicer to myself
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  8. 8. stop throwing clothes on the floor
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  9. 9. try harder
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  10. 10. i want to stop taking sleeping pills
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  11. 11. flatten my tummy
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  12. 12. go running at least 4 days a week
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  13. 13. be as nice, friendly, forgiving and not judgemental as my mom
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  14. 14. To live instead of exist
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  15. 15. approach life with confidence
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  16. 16. read 1 book a week
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  17. 17. Go see the waterfalls in the city
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  18. 18. love myself
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  19. 19. be optimistic
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  20. 20. learn patience
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  21. 21. find inner peace
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  22. 22. Put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea
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  23. 23. i want to return to school
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  24. 24. live alone
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  25. 25. exercise regularly
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  26. 26. organize my life
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  27. 27. eat healthier
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  28. 28. want better for myself
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  29. 29. keep my room clean, even when im sad.
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  30. 30. Make new friends
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  31. 31. stop procastinating
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  32. 32. Save money
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  33. 33. write an hour a day
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  34. 34. be successful
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  35. 35. be more productive with my time
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  36. 36. be nicer
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  37. 37. stop pulling my hair out
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Think before I speak, be conscious of others feelings. Appreciate my babe EC.
My new love

He’s so refreshingly different. No matter what I say or do he doesn’t walk away from me. I’m done with the games and I want to concentrate on being happy and making him happy. I need out of my house and out of my slump. I love everything about him and I can’t wait to do everything we want to do together. He doesn’t deserve the old me, he deserves the new me. And that’s who I will be. For him and only him.

keep my room clean, even when im sad. (read all 2 entries…)
filthy since the 4th

havent pickd up a damn thing since the break up . no cleaning here ”/

be as nice, friendly, forgiving and not judgemental as my mom
To Forgive

I recently started a job where I do intake for formerly homeless people. I knew that I had to put up a front as I did on both interviews. I went on and on about how I enjoy helping people. As usual I thought it was going to feel like any other job; draining and repetitive. I don’t like helping people, actually I really dislike people. I keep a small circle of friends. An even smaller mind frame if you understand that. Not close minded I just know or thought I knew who everyone was. I was in for a surprise.
I come in every morning and I love work. I enjoy the people I work with. Erin is one of my co-workers, I think she’s amazing. She trained me on my position and is so great at it. Not just because she expresses herself so well or is extremely knowledgable. The reason is because I can tell that she enjoys helping these people. I can’t blame her, it feels really great.
It feels so good brightening up these peoples faces just a little if not more.

I am still working on forgiving people. I find it easy to let go of memories. I don’t know if this means i’ve forgiven them, which I don’t think it is

to be continued . . .

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