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get a daschund
close, but no cigar

so…my real goal was to just get a dog and that happened! my aunt’s dog was pregnant and since she was away in thailand for a month, she wasn’t even aware of it. we were looking after all her dogs and once we noticed, we brought her over to my house so we could watch her closely. she had a litter of 4 and it’s been two months so it was time for the puppies to part their mom. two went away a couple days ago and i was a little sad since i was attached to them. one more is still waiting for the poeple to pick her up and she’s my favorite. i got to keep the last one—the only boy, a brown feisty but sweet lil puppy.

not a daschund, but it’ll do. i don’t even know what breed it is, but it’s my little mutt now. :)

get a job
It came so unexpectedly!

So after forgetting about the whole ‘getting a job’ ordeal, I brought my cousins to enter this math/reading enrichment program at the Kumon Learning Center. Out of nowhere the intructor offered me a job there and it’s pretty awesome. I only work 11 hours a week but it’s great because I’m not in dire need of the money and it still gives me time for all that college mess. I don’t do anything but work with kids on relatively basic math. It’s the easiest job ever. The pay isn’t bad as well. I get a raise next month.


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