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have a stronger sex drive
sex;the man

well ladies we all know that men need sex constantly;

well as i get older im noticing my sex drive slowing down, and i definately do not require this everyday. my man wants to know whats wrong with me, gee he says you used to love sex, i still do just not everyday.

i would like to improve my sex drive, like he says it used to be.

is this a weird one or what?

be a size 8

ive went from a size 22 to a size 10-12 so far! its so hard to keep loseing, but i own a black leather skirt thats a very small 8;

i will get there!

be a great wife
being a great wife;

its hard to be the perfect wife, i love mt husband very very much, but there are days that it would be nice to be carefree again, i get sick of cookin and cleanin and the kids yallin and carrying on…somedays it would just be nice to be me, not mrs.soandso/
some days i feel as though i fall short…but marriage is about being the best wife i can be…;;;[more patience, more temper and irratation control, more energy, more unselfish giving of my self;]moremoremore

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