Is learning a lot.

All honors courses for 10th grade
I'm doing some honors courses. But-

I had to drop honors math and science, because I honestly don’t think I can keep up with them.
But I will be taking World History AP, French 3 honors, AP European History, Honors English 2/ pre AP, and then the regs math and science courses, and a Theater Technology 2.

make more friends

I put myself more out there with letting people in and whatnot, and instead of pushing people away or blowing them off,
I’ve started conversations, and found similar interests, and now I have more friends that I really fucking love. :D

Be a better blogger
I'm proud of my blog.

I think I’ve about achieved this. I am proud of my blog, and I would be proud if someone found it.

become a much, much better digital photographer (read all 2 entries…)

I took a photo with great focus today. I’m stoked. 2011 seems promising<3

become a much, much better digital photographer (read all 2 entries…)
phography, nudes, working on photos.

I’m getting farther out of my comfort zone with the pictures I’m taking, I’m hoping this will help me explore, and become a better photographer:]

Learn the viola

I’m working on this one, I got a Viola for Christmas, as a present. So I’m doing this for the next week or so. And I’ll hopefully have enough for lessons soon.



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