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  1. 1. find my passion
    1 entry
    2,140 people
  2. 2. stop procrastinating
    1 entry
    30,417 people
  3. 3. To live instead of exist
    11,499 people
  4. 4. graduate from college
    6,154 people
  5. 5. Get a job I like
    1 entry
    300 people
  6. 6. Fall in love
    27,234 people
  7. 7. make a soundtrack to my life
    65 people
  8. 8. Learn Spanish
    18,254 people
  9. 9. enjoy the simple things in life
    28 people
  10. 10. see the northern lights
    19,131 people
  11. 11. purchase 90% second hand clothing
    1 person
  12. 12. start a retirement fund
    40 people
  13. 13. Overcome my eating disorder.
    1 entry
    423 people
  14. 14. Learn to play the guitar
    13,759 people
  15. 15. Establish an amazing relationship
    8 people
  16. 16. make more friends
    5,519 people
  17. 17. be financially stable
    258 people
  18. 18. own a snake
    42 people
  19. 19. Learn to surf
    8,136 people
  20. 20. make a life plan
    30 people
  21. 21. Eat more fruits and vegetables
    1,101 people
  22. 22. volunteer in Africa
    630 people
  23. 23. Step out of my comfort zone
    292 people
  24. 24. change my hair
    218 people
  25. 25. learn to tune my guitar by ear instead of always using an electric tuner
    7 people
  26. 26. expand my knowledge
    82 people
  27. 27. Live with compassion
    25 people
  28. 28. learn about politics
    111 people
  29. 29. make a difference
    7,145 people
  30. 30. identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
    7,848 people
  31. 31. simplify my life
    1,202 people
  32. 32. learn to manage my anger
    9 people
  33. 33. inspire people
    343 people
  34. 34. learn sign language
    8,514 people
  35. 35. grow up
    539 people
  36. 36. spread hope
    4 people
  37. 37. record my own music
    49 people
  38. 38. travel around the world
    5,200 people
  39. 39. lose my inhibitions
    70 people
  40. 40. Quit Smoking
    9,311 people
  41. 41. pay off my credit card debt
    637 people
Recent entries
stop procrastinating
too much.

i procrastinate entirely too much. seriously. i haven’t recieved mail at my house since decemberish because i didn’t retrieve my mail from my mailbox for so long they deemed it vacant. that’s kind of pathetic. and really, i’ve had every opportunity on my days off to deal with it, they’ve even left a sheet with their number on it to call them. it seems as though i can place phone calls to fake sick to work, but i can’t do the same so i can actually recieve important mail? that’s just crazy. i put off paying my energy bill to the point that i owed them $500 and had to go on budget billing to pay them back. i blatantly forgot to pay them this past month [started another job, things were chaotic until i figured out a workable schedule] so now i have a $300 bill to pay them [$175 a month on budget, with back fees included.] i have a cell phone that i haven’t been able to pay for since january, that is now completely disconnected, thank god my job requires a seperate business line at $10 a month, deducted from your paycheck. so i have a phone at least. i guess i just need to grow up and take responsibility more than anything. that definitely means putting a halt on saying ‘i don’t feel like it, i’ll do it tomorrow.’

find my passion
semi passionate?

when you’re semi-passionate about so many things, how do you find your one true passion? there has to be something that somehow ties everything together. music is my number one, i just can’t figure out how to make it happen.

Get a job I like

i’ve had so many jobs, and so many of them start out with me loving them, then hating them which turns into quitting them, which turns into starting a new job in which the same cycle continues, but i always find that i miss a former job eventually.
i’ve been in sales since i was out of high school, and although i enjoy a commission-based payscale, it gets old to make minimum wage when sales are down [especially the way the economy is sliding.] i recently acquired a waitressing job [worked there for about a month now] and i enjoy it, but i still feel as though there is something else out there for me.
i always look, daily. so i guess i’ll find it eventually, i just don’t feel as though i’ve found my proverbial ‘calling’ yet.

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