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  1. 1. write my own music
    124 people
  2. 2. live in my own house
    52 people
  3. 3. Write a novel
    11,482 people
  4. 4. take a dance class
    905 people
  5. 5. send mail surprises
    10 people
  6. 6. Visit Italy
    2,611 people
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pass the Series 65

The Series 65 was harder than I thought it would be, but my advice is to study hard and have a good study guide. Kaplan is good, so is Empire Stockbroker. Also, cramming is recommended. It is nearly impossible to memorize all of it for an extended period of time. Read your book quickly. Choose your date for a week in advance, and start taking practice tests and reviewing your notes. CRAM!


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