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  1. 1. Cure my Trichotillomania
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  2. 2. get better grades in school
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  3. 3. get a job
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  4. 4. get more confidence
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  5. 5. buy a diary
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get a job

Im 14 years old and i really want a job, but i dont want a paper round! I really need the extra money so if anyone has any ideas please comment:)

get better grades in school

Recently i havent been doing very well in school. Im in year 10 and soon i will be having exams and i dont want to fail them. In all of my lessons i have been predicted C’s and i really want to get higher. If anyone has any ideas please tell me:)

Cure my Trichotillomania

ive only just found out that what i do has a name. I have been pulling my hair out and eating the root bulb since i was 10 and im now 14. Ive tryed to stop but i cant and ive just recently read that it can kill you which has made me want to stop even more but i cant. The top of my head is starting to get bald patches and i dont know what to do, if anyone has any ideas on how to stop please tell me:)x


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