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  1. 1. own a baby grand piano
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    14 people
  2. 2. be super skinny
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  3. 3. move to the virgin islands
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  4. 4. own a hybrid car
    544 people
  5. 5. own a horse
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    767 people
  6. 6. want nothing
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  7. 7. Safari in Africa
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  8. 8. walk the red carpet
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  9. 9. speak spanish fluently
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  10. 10. Speak French fluently
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  11. 11. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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  12. 12. write a novel
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  13. 13. play guitar well
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  14. 14. never waitress again
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  15. 15. be a wine connoisseur
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  16. 16. sky dive
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  17. 17. go on a buddhist retreat
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dye my hair bright red

I was determined to do this since I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind.

I’ve never been so happy as I was with this hair. I kept it for about 3 months, then I went back to my natural hair color (natural red) for the holidays.

Now I’m going to dye my hair purple.

I recommend special effects hair color. I used nuclear red. It lasts fairly long and is high quality… my hair felt really smooth once I dyed it.

Just expect to recolor every 3 weeks at least if you want to keep close to the original color.

Visit haunted places
Visit Archer

If you’re in Chicago, take a drive down Archer… It’s a very haunted street. Follow it into Willow Springs and stop in the Ashbary coffee shop… I’ve been going there for years and have had quite a few encounters, mostly in the upstairs (or coming from the upstairs)...

Visit the Louvre
Strange Meetings

I would love to go to the Louvre again. I had no idea it was SO BIG!!! I didn’t have nearly enough time to see everything.
Strange enough, I was there and ran into one of my old friends from highschool… in Chicago. Small World.

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