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  1. 1. Bowl a perfect game
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  2. 2. have an affair
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  3. 3. start a magazine
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  4. 4. learn to skate
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  5. 5. break a bone
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Break a Bone

Yup, that’s what I’m asking myself. But I’ve never had anything worse than a scratch. Okay, it was a pretty deep scratch, and I still have a pale mark on my hip from it (20 years on), but I’m starting to feel like Bruce Willis about halfway through ‘Unbreakable’.
I’m not going to go out and intentionally break a bone. I’m probably not even going to do anything especially stupid. But I think that if I ever did break a bone, I wouldn’t be so freakin’ terrified of getting hurt.

have an affair
feeling guilty already

Yes, I know. At some level this is a little repugnant to me. I’m happily married. To the woman I truly believe is my soul mate. But I have to wonder what’s out there. I may never, ever do this, and I honestly don’t believe my life will be any worse if I don’t – I could quite easily make the case that my life will be better if I don’t (even if I never get caught). But I still want to.

Bowl a perfect game
My first one!

this might sound odd to anyone who knows me, as I don’t even bowl that often. But it’s something I’d love to do. Anything where it’s a combination of skill and pure dumb luck sounds appealing to me. Plus I figure this is as close as I get to pitching a perfect game, which I’d like to do even more, but since I don’t play baseball I’m gonna try and be a little realistic here.


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