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return all my borrowed items

my dad always sends me home with food and always forget to give them back. also, my sister let me borrow some of her games a long time ago and i still have them.

be able to say what i feel

i’m glad i’m not the only one out there that blames why i am the way i am on my astrological sign (thats for jajay24). i happen to fit the part of a scorpio very well. being able to tell people what i’m feeling has always been a big problem for me. there are some things people do or say that get me so angry i start shaking, but for some reason i always keep me mouth shut.
recently, though, i’ve been getting better. it feels good to put in my two cents.

learn to drive
didn't learn to drive until i was 20

i was afraid to drive for a long time. the fact that there were so many things you need to pay attention to was intimidating. after practicing many times on the streets that were less busy, or driving around very late at night when no one else was on the road, i learned that most of that stuff comes to you like second nature. the rest comes with more practice.
it felt great to finally get the test over with and find out that i passed. now i’m not sure what i would do if i didn’t know how to drive.


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