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be the best Friend I can be
I am trying ...

It has recently come to my attention that being a good friend means more than just listening to what others have to say … it actually means placing trust in others and confiding in others to help me with my problems. I don’t have any friendships like this … I thought I was a good friend but realized I never share ANYTHING about myself with them … so this is my goal.

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All in my head

I go through it over and over in my head – I need to open up to people but always find a reason not to (they won’t care, listen, etc) ... so I keep my issues to myself. People will never know me because I find reasons not to let them.

Understand why i have commitment issues (read all 3 entries…)
Core Issue

I realized that i have no 50/50 relationships that I usually listen more than I share and that is not true friendship … because I can’t open up to anyone!

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