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  1. 1. get straight A's
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  2. 2. Keep a journal
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  3. 3. become ambidextrous
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  4. 4. lose 15 pounds
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  5. 5. Take over the world
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  6. 6. Eat sushi more often
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  7. 7. cook more often
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  8. 8. create art
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  9. 9. learn martial arts
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  10. 10. act
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  11. 11. reach enlightenment
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  12. 12. organize my life
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  13. 13. Write more often
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  14. 14. Learn Japanese
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  15. 15. live in new york
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Eat sushi more often

Do I really need to say more?

Well yes, of course.

Basically, I live in smalltown rural nowhere america, and though it can be a sweet idyllic sorta place, smalltown rural nowhere america really kind of sucks in the ethnic food department. But I can get to an “urban” (okay, yeah, not really. I’m in the south for the love of fudge! (on a side note, what is that supposed to mean) Only the really old cities are “urban” and there aren’t many of those around. But, yeah…)

.... anyway, I can get to the “city” (still laughing) in reasonable time, so, yeah. We’ll see.

get straight A's
Well, the title says it all, ya?

Hmmm. Well, I know I used to get straight A’s, up until… well… about midway through middle school. I think it still happens sometimes, but I’m not sure. I generally make good grades, and since all my classes are weighted (advanced/honors classes are worth 4.5 or 5.0 instead of just 4.0, but I bet you know that already :-) I tend to end up with an A average at the end of the year anyway. But I really want an A average in all my classes! That would be much better.

I guess I can be satisfied with an A in every class, or a 4.5 average.


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