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  1. 1. Stop procrastinating
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  2. 2. Get A+ in all nursing assignments
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  3. 3. Save money
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  4. 4. Become a vegetarian
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  5. 5. Lose 10 kilograms
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  6. 6. Walk in High Heels
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  7. 7. Read all Kathy Reichs books
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  8. 8. Graduate from university with honours
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  9. 9. Visit Japan
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  10. 10. Holiday in Europe
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  11. 11. Study medical anthropology at the University of Auckland
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  12. 12. Study linguistics
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  13. 13. Learn French
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  14. 14. Learn Japanese
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  15. 15. Learn sign language
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  16. 16. Learn to play a musical instrument
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  17. 17. Donate blood
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  18. 18. Volunteer
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  19. 19. Laser eye surgery
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  20. 20. Get married
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  21. 21. Meditate
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Visit Te Papa in Wellington, New Zealand

my favorite place in New Zealand

start exercising

I am not a fan of exercise because I get short of breath, sweaty, and achy. I know the first step is to start, just start.

My boyfriend is a regular gym-goer, and I feel guilty when I eat more sweets than him and he’d just have a protein shake. I hate it when he poke my tummy and play with it, although he says he is just joking. I want to smack him with a fish.

I used to exercise when I was teenager. Loved the rush of endorphins and the feeling of accomplishment. Being so busy, its easier to brush it off and just park farther away so I can say I exercised, a bit.

Have already changed my diet, restricting my calorie intake down to 1200 a day and sticking to raw vegetables and whole grains as much as possible. My chocolate weakness, unfortunately, I cannot change.

Have to start exercising in two weeks – during sem break. I still prefer treadmill and some weights, rather than aerobics or spin classes.

lose 10 kilograms

Some of my relatives, including my father, are diabetic type 2. For health reasons, I want to lose this much weight so I can “avoid” diabetes.

Because I am Asian, studies show I have more body fat percentage compared to Europeans although I weigh less. I need to weight 55 kilograms in order to be within the healthy BMI range.

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