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January 2011

Jan. 20 – grade: C+
recognized opportunity and networked with college pres
attended volunteer fair
trained D.V. on two items
meeting with exec. committee
connected with D.S. for info on foundation application

Jan. 21
confirmed J.A. assignment and offered personal support
timely response to newsletter draft

focus on accomplishments (read all 3 entries…)

I have decided to track my accomplishments each day to help myself with accurately assessing whether I utilized my time wisely and efficiently. Some days I’m hard on myself because I didn’t get much done from my to-do list, and sometimes that’s because I wasn’t focused and motivated like I should be. But sometimes it’s because I got different things done instead.

figure out how to lower my standards without lowering my standards :)
Possibly impossible.

I have a problem with having standards that are too high to be realistic, and yet I have a problem with lowering my standards. What to do?

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