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I'm doing 35 things

hpfreak's Life List

  1. 1. Be happy and make others happy too
    149 people
  2. 2. complain less
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1,203 people
  3. 3. Create a Weekly To Do List
    31 people
  4. 4. Have a shower every day
    1 person
  5. 5. Get organized and Stay organized!
    520 people
  6. 6. have better posture
    7,978 people
  7. 7. Learn to scrapbook
    46 people
  8. 8. take a writing class/join a writing group
    1 cheer
    13 people
  9. 9. keep my room tidy for longer than 2 weeks
    7 people
  10. 10. sell something on ebay
    220 people
  11. 11. plant a garden
    1 cheer
    2,097 people
  12. 12. Write my own Harry Potter fan fiction
    3 people
  13. 13. return library books on time
    1 cheer
    35 people
  14. 14. become ambidextrous
    960 people
  15. 15. gain some self-respect
    1 cheer
    1 person
  16. 16. decorate my room
    335 people
  17. 17. Make my bed every day
    205 people
  18. 18. Floss Every Day
    1,228 people
  19. 19. Jog 3 times a week
    21 people
  20. 20. manage my time well
    2 entries
    30 people
  21. 21. meditate daily
    1 entry
    4,819 people
  22. 22. make a budget and stick to it
    137 people
  23. 23. learn to love myself
    1,573 people
  24. 24. write a novel
    11,515 people
  25. 25. change someone's life
    2 cheers
    1,442 people
  26. 26. eat less sweets
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    79 people
  27. 27. pray more
    3,199 people
  28. 28. organize my room
    327 people
  29. 29. stop throwing clothes on the floor
    2 cheers
    829 people
  30. 30. Find a balance between the things I want to do and the things I need to do
    2,325 people
  31. 31. be more confident
    11,598 people
  32. 32. drink at least 6 glasses of water a day
    4 people
  33. 33. learn to surf
    1 entry
    8,132 people
  34. 34. Volunteer my time to help others
    8 people
  35. 35. Knit a Harry Potter scarf
    166 people
Recent entries
identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 3 entries…)
I Did It!

Here is my list. Please tell me if i repeated something;


2. My friends
3. My dog
4. Music
5. Accomplishing my goals
6. Surfing the net
7. Watching movies
8. Reading
9. The beach
10. Nature/ Wildlife (especially goats, walruses, monkeys, llamas, etc)
11. Laughing so hard that I cry
12. Eating chocolate/ lollies/ etc
13. Getting positive feedback on things I’ve created
14. Watching the clouds
15. God
16. Hope for the future
17. Giving compliments
18. Writing
19. Taking photos
20. Getting mail
21. Feeling clean
22. Christmas
23. Giving to others
24. My room clean
25. Singing
26. Sunrises/ Sunsets
27. Helping
28. Free stuff
29. A hot drink on a cold day
30. Feeling beautiful
31. Babies
32. Getting new clothes
33. Coincidences
34. Making other people laugh
35. Looking at old photos/memorabilia
36. Wollongong
37. Snorkeling
38. Feeling thin
39. Beautiful skies
40. Finding a quote or lyrics that I can apply/relate to my life
41. Having all my work done before it is due and not having anything else to work on
42. Listening to my favorite songs over and over and over and over again
43. Jumping under a comforter and quilts after being in the bitter cold
44. Going shopping and knowing I can spend lots and lots of money
45. Sad songs
46. Hot baths
47. Looking good in a picture (hey, it rarely happens. Makes me happy!)
48. (I can work out my goals and share them with others)
49. Films that make cry
50. Good poetry
51. Kiddy shows (Booh-bah, Pingu, etc)
52. Waking up thinking it is a weekday and then realizing it is the weekend/holidays
53. Making dinner
54. Finally getting to a nice, comfortable bed after a tiring late night
55. Parties!
56. Playing board games
57. Having a clean room
58. Scented Candles/ Incense/ Essential Oils
59. Having lots of energy
60. Climbing trees
61. Sitting right beside the heater on a cold day
62. Finding something I have lost
63. Drawing/ painting/ etc something that actually slightly resembles what it is supposed to be
64. Listening to inspiring music
65. The smell of permanent markers :D
66. The smell of new books
68. Making lists
69. Organizing
70. Laughing
71. Feeling powerful
72. Going crazy
73. Pugells!
74. Clear sky with no pollution
75. Waking up feeling refreshed
76. Pampering myself
77. Painted nails
78. Flowers
79. The internet
80. Having a clean home
81. Being with people I love and care about
82. The beauty of life
83. The OC
84. Finding someone with the same interests as me
85. The zoo!
86. Hot chocolate
87. Warm, soft towels
88. Relaxing music
89. Twilight, especially in warm weather when I can hear the chirping of all sorts of night insects.
90. Girl Guides
91. Cooking!
92. Winning
93. Sleeping in
94. Getting emails
95. Knowing that I have done lots of exercise
96. My room just after it has been cleaned and vacuumed
97. Scrap booking
98. Making cards and other things on Microsoft Home Publishing
99. Doing yoga
100. Going overseas

keep a meaningful book of quotes/lyrics
Worth It! Ive Done This

I now have an inspirational book os quotes and lyrics that I keep adding to and i look at it whenever i need a boost! its great and definatly worth it

complain less
Getting better

I am really trying to achieve this goal and i am doing pretty well. Whenever i complain or am about to complain, i think what it would be like if I was the one being complained to. it helps quite a lot
good luck everyone

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