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  1. 1. clean my room
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  2. 2. Finish Business Card
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  3. 3. Finish "Ash" Painting
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  4. 4. drum more
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  5. 5. Read "From Hell"
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  6. 6. Start a Comic Book
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  7. 7. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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  8. 8. Get a Better Job
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  9. 9. Get a tattoo
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Finish Business Card
Designs finalized

This sites really helping wow I actually nearly finished this last night no idea why, I would be doing my room today but I just got called in to do a shift at work (another issue I was worried about) so I’m feeling pretty good about things.

drum more
Making it fun again.

So I moved my kit from my room to the lounge room, its much easier to jump on and play to music on tv, hoping this will be a step in the right direction as it feels like a chore to set up and play along with music in my room. My housemate’s girlfriend used to play so seeing them both excited to learn more is really bringing the fun back into it.

stop drinking
Day 1

So I started this goal today, I’m not crazy nuts alcoholic but I do get drunk at home about 3 times a week and its a bit worrying how motiveless it is sometimes. Today probably would have been my typical get drunk on internet night as I have the day off work tomorrow but recently I’ve found myself being more and more extreme in my mood changes.

When I heard my boss had said he was sick of me coming to work angry and thought I drank too much I decided it was time to make a change. I also noticed I went down a bit in my usual amount of hours. I just really feel everything needs an overhaul in my life and I think this has to be the first change. I just threw out a whole box of goon and had a coffee instead, feel like starting on the rest of my goals now and I’m looking forward to cleaning my room tomorrow rather than waking up hung over in the afternoon!


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