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  1. 1. make new mistakes and stop doing the old ones again and again
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  2. 2. have a library in my house
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  3. 3. touch my toes without bending my knees
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  4. 4. read as many books as possible, starting with all the books I own but haven't read
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  5. 5. understand myself
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  6. 6. learn to forgive
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  7. 7. bitch less
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  8. 8. take one day at a time
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  9. 9. Be kinder
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  10. 10. have a little place to rant!
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  11. 11. Keep a notepad of awesome moments
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  12. 12. do yoga
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  13. 13. get in the best shape of my life
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  14. 14. Write letters here to convince myself I am making the right choices.
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  15. 15. stop caring what others think.
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  16. 16. Make a list of new men resolutions and standards to stick to
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  17. 17. post letters here that i would never send
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  18. 18. Allow myself to only be treated well by the people I choose to have friendships and relationships with. If they do not, I need to find the courage to move on without them.
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  19. 19. get married, stay married, and live happily ever after
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  20. 20. not have to worry about money
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  21. 21. finish my dissertation
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How I did it
How to find my dream job
It took me
365 days
It made me

How to stop being used
It took me
5 years
It made me
proud of myself

How to stop obsessing over him
It took me
1 month
It made me
perfectly fine

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have a little place to rant! (read all 2 entries…)

I’ve been a moody so and so this week. Just felt pretty down and crap all week…. wish someone would try and cheer me up. Been really ill as well, no one’s brought me soup or grapes or lemsip though :(

Not that I want to be ungrateful or self centered. Just feeling a bit crap.


finish my dissertation
Dissertation woes.

I am so stressing out about this!! I have no idea where to start, I’m doing an undergraduate history dissertation in the UK, 10,000 words, in on the 5th of May.

I can’t do it :(

Write letters here to convince myself I am making the right choices. (read all 10 entries…)

Arg arghh argh argh arghh

What do I have to do to actually feel valued and important and loved??? I’m not worth much apparently. Not worth making time for. You prefer spending time with your friends than me.

I think I am worth more and should be treated better, not in a big headed way just in a ‘the basics everybody deserves’ way.

I am so sad and so fed up and feel so worthless and horrible :( and I am so upset with myself for making the wrong life choices.

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