Johnny Watati

I here trying to get to my goal

I'm doing 10 things

Johnny Watati's Life List

  1. 1. learn electrokinesis
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  2. 2. learn echokinesis
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  3. 3. Learn Gyrokinesis
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  4. 4. sonokinesis
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  5. 5. Learn levitation!
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  6. 6. meet an alien and understand the truth.
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  7. 7. learn thermokinesis
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  8. 8. get stronger
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  9. 9. hydrokinesis
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  10. 10. Learn Sonokinesis
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How I did it
How to get super powers
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2 days
It made me

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learn aerokinesis

I wrote Techs about it

learn thermokinesis (read all 2 entries…)
thermokinesis tech

you must learn cyro and pyro first(you have to be experiance with psi and ki)

heat wave
visualize waves of heat coming out of your hand don’t just see it feel it.

temperature drop
visualize the energy around you and its geting cooler and cooler and colder and colder or visualize the whole room covered with ice.

temperature raise
visualize the energy around you and the energy geting warmer and hoter make it get as hot as you can or visualize heat waves every where

freeze touch
pick an object and touch it then visualize the molocues of the object moving slower and slower that it turns blue and makes waves of ice

fire creation
pick an object and visualize the molocues moving really fast that it turns red and glows like the sun also visualize it becomes so hot that it theres smoke coming out of all the red balls

sonokinesis (read all 2 entries…)
Sonokinesis tech

1.Sound ball-Position your hand like your making a psi ball then visualize air molocues everywhere then gather it into your hand until it shapes like a ball.

2.Sound blast-Make a Sound ball in one hand and blast it(you need to learn to project ki/psi

3.Sound bomb-Lift your hand make a medium or large size sound ball and then you throw it throwing will effect every thing around it.

4.Sound scream-Open your mouth and and gather all the air molocues into your mouth and scream.

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