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  1. 1. Fill up my passport before it expires
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  2. 2. learn how to fly an airplane
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  3. 3. write more letters
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  4. 4. Buy a House
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  5. 5. have better posture
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  6. 6. see the northern lights
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  8. 8. Go 1 week of keeping under 1500 cal/day
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Fill up my passport before it expires
84 slots means 8-9 stamps/yr!

So I just did the math. 21 pages with 4 spaces for stamps is 84 slots. A passport is good for 10 years, so that’s 8.4 slots/year.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get a lot of stamps inexpensively? I’ve heard Asia is a good way to fill up your passport, but airfare there from the US is A) pretty long and B) pretty pricey. I want to A) fill up my passport and B) do it without breaking the bank! Possibly a Caribbean islands tour?


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