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  1. 1. Read all Jane Austen Novels
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  2. 2. read all of Jane Austen's novels
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  3. 3. read all Virginia Woolf's books
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  4. 4. be a princess
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  5. 5. Practice Yoga
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Practice Yoga
The Human Pretzel

I’ve tried to master the art of twisting yourself into an oddly shaped and unnatural looking pretzel. Not that I don’t love pretzels… the soft ones you can buy at the mall?? God, by mouth is watering right now. But becoming a human pretzel doesn’t exactly hold the same effect on my salivating gland.

The one time I tried to take a class, I fell over. But the good news was that I took the smug blonde pretzel chick down with me (LG)... It was a sad story. We don’t like to talk about it

read all Virginia Woolf's books

So far I’ve read 1/2 of Night and Day (Yes, not one of her most popular, but I figured if I start with the worst I won’t be disappointed on my way up the list) And though I’m no book critic, I don’t think it’s that bad—> I actually really like it

read all of Jane Austen's novels

Sense And Sensibility- Read it
Pride And Prejudice- Read it
Mansfield Park
Emma- Reading
Northanger Abbey


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