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organize my mp3s

I am a member of the first generation of “music lovers” who never have seen a need to organize their cds. why? Since my childhood i ripped every cd on my computer, put it into a large unsorted crappy box and probably will leave it there until the end of time.

when i need a cd, i simply burn a copy.

i love watching cd collections an find out how they are arranged, some people arrange cds by the date they board the music, they get known by it or simply loved it. you know that (“oh hey, that was my punk era, and after that i started listening grunge … blabla).

so i never actually “learned” to organize them “correctly”, because the computer will arrange them alphabetically. but wait! some people say, that people with alphabetically sorted cds (or even lps) are mentally disordered or at least a bit unkindy.

i dont want to be called a digital mentally disordered so i sorted my albums in differend directories like this:

pre era,

then i created a “inbox” dir, just for the new stuff. one of the best ideas i ever had!

worth it!

Read 50 books in 2006

A long way down – Nick Hornby. 49 left.

reach 300000 kilometers with my honda civic (read all 2 entries…)

coming soon: the last 10k Kilometers. Live on 43things.com


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