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find 43 people with storage units to start our own co-operative storage space

I just realized that I have spent over $7,000 dollars on storage and it is only going to get worse. My wifes mother nad grandmother just passed away and we are inheriting three big ass u-haul full of antique furniture , hand blown glass, art work and other family stuff (her grandmother was the last remaining of five siblings{none of whom had children} so that is five households funneled down to one) including silver setting for fifty and five sets of china). Thank god my brother has a big ‘ol barn in oregon that we can store the stuff for a while but I can’t impose on him forever. This got me thinking though if I can find twenty or more people who feel that they will have a permanent need for storage we should get together buy a vacant lot throw up a steel building and chip in mortgage money. It would be cheaper then renting and we could probably pay it off faster. this would also work well for folks with campers or boats. any one interested in starting this in the seattle area?


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