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stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 161 and still fighting porn

I missed you all
I was busy in the last month doing some exams and studying.

so far the new things I achieved from abstaining from this addiction:

1- The super power: believe me you’ll get a super power especially when you stop masturbating and watching porn and the super power will be in a form like spending hours in the gym with out getting tired and lifting heavy weights that you couldn’t lift them in the days where you masturbate or just help you study hard and think you get smarter than before ( I then realized that this super power thing is about making your mind thinking in one thing(since there is no porn or masturbation) so your mind put all his efforts in this one thing (either study or working out ) and then you feel the difference )

2- less sweating . It’s funny but it’s real because I used to seat a lot in the summer but now it’s a way less than before .

3- got organized . so now I woke up and now what I have to do and what I have to study . it’s not like the old chaotic days.

4- not shy any more . I can chat with any girl with out getting a red face or sweat.

5- caring more about my friends and family and become more social.

6- ED had gone

As you see I’m still in my streak and thanks god I didn’t spoil it
In the last week my major enemy was Porn. I abstained of watching pron for more than a month but in the last week I involved in watching it and It was hitting me badly and thanks god while I was edging I found this website that save me from masturbation and make me reconsider watching porn and wasting my time and helped me remember why I’m doing this and what I achieved so far from abstaining from this addiction.

It’s just like turning the light on for me and saved my life and my future from failing

Take a look it just tell you the real story behind Porn

You can read the yoga section I found it interesting although I didn’t try it .

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 113

Today was a tough day for me . I’ve been hit by a lot of temptations and I thought that I’m not gonna survive from it . But I accidentally find an old file I wrote it in my first days of my journey called Triggers and Refutations which I just mention things that trigger me and how to deal with it like if I accidentally saw a hot advertisement on net or on TV how to face these situations . and after reading it I just get the power to say no for these temptations and to move on and back to my normal mood.

in another hand, I just passed the TOEFL exam with 98 score . I was expecting above 100 but I think it’s a good score and I have to confess that I wouldn’t achieve it with out stopping masturbating.

these next 3 months of my life are going to be the hardest part of my life. I have to pass the graduation exam and I’m thinking about doing some more exams and then I may get accepted by some universities out side my country .
Now I feel I have the power to do anything and to take any risk I’m not afraid of trying like I used to be in my old days . I will continue fighting this urges. I won’t watch hot pics or celebs pics no more (Porn is very boring now and my major enemy now is normal girls or celebs in some seductive ways).

I hope you all guys doing well and beating this addiction.

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 78

I’m still fighting with the addiction
a couple of days before I got tempted and I thought about doing it but I changed my mind after listening to a beautiful religion song (I haven’t listen to these songs from like 3-4 years ago)

now I’m great I’m studying English hard because I’ll be doing the TOEFL exam after ten days and after the exam i will be 90+ days free from this addiction.

Wish me luck guys and stay strong.

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 61

Finally I passed two months
Lots of change in my personality happened in those 2 months
now I enjoy my life more than before,If i put a list of what to do in one day i stick with it (and it was impossible before )

I fill my free time with more healthy activities . I used to go to gym every day and i start to get back in shape.when I tired of studying i play chess . I’m trying to cut off watching T.v . The internet had been disconnecting in the last month but today it get back and after I saw the green light of internet in my router the bad thought jumped up in my mind to open some dirty sites but i dealt with them and I’m planning to install k9filter in my PC to never see those bad sites again in my life . I know how to bypass it but It’ll give me extra time to think of what I’m doing and how I’m ruining my entire life and future when opening these sites.

I hope all of you guys doing well in your battles against this addiction

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 45

Finally half of the road to the 90 days YBOP dare

I missed you guys but the internet was disconnected here from more than 15 days

Since there is no internet there were no porn and now I feel like I’m a different person now i get a few temptations in the last 15 days but every time i managed it with one term (there is nothing deserve to spoil this amazing streak on it ) and day after day this bad self of me ( the one who want the pleasure and the erotic scenes and thoughts)
become weaker and smaller
and the new me who respect his values and don’t cheat on him self and see the best things in girls (the face, eyes and all the emotions with it ) become stronger and dominant
now I’m not afraid to stay away at home because i can control my self I have the power to do what i want to do
and another thing i noticed that alot of procrastinating time goes away because when you respect your self you stick with your commitments
now when i want to study i spent the time studying
when i want to work i spent the time working
no delays no postbones no lets watch a tv no lets see some erotic sites all of this was deleted from my life

in the last week i had been studying 9 hours a day and it was a big number for me compare to what i was doing when i was on this addiction (barely pass 3 hours )

I hope you are all doing good in your fight against this addiction
and i can say that all this fights and struggles are worth it.

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 20

10 days to make it a month

I’m doing very will i faced some urges but i know how to deal with them

there is a lot of time and i have to know how to manage it since the porn in the past was taking a lot of hours of my day and know these hours are free so i must know how to use them and not spoil them with out do nothing good for my life .

now I’m hitting the Gym regularly every day and I’m building some muscles now :)
in the past i can’t get my self in regular system because the porn was fucking every thing but know when i say i want to do something i do it on time and not postponed it like the old days

in another way I’m getting some emotional changes with my family so I care about them now and i spent sometimes with my mom and dad and help them when they ask me to help and i think they feel the change too because in the past i was like a numb & I didn’t care about anyone and didn’t listen to anyone and i thought I was on the right way but i was wrong.

I going to make it one month i will not surrender to any urges or temptation that hit me because now i know what i want I want to defeat this addiction and get a girlfriend or just a friend and chase my life dream.

I hope you are doing good guys .

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 15

yeah i reach it half month
it was hard in the last days i get tempted by some movies and i opened some sites (not porn) but it’s like perverts sites when they films women walking on the street or in the stores. Anyway after one hour i get my mind back and closed these stupid sites
and the day after I saw my neighbor cleaning her windows and she was so gorgeous .
i think about MB after i saw her and it was a battle inside my mind then i decided that :
1-it doesn’t deserve to spoil 15 days of sober on this

2- if i did it, i will be depressed for like 2 or 3 days after it and maybe i will not reach this number of days in months

3- it’ll remind me with those past five years when i said i will do a lot of things and learn languages and guitar and then i ended up watching porn and didn’t done any thing from the list that i made and i thought i’ll done it before graduate

and now these months is very essential because i ‘m thinking about travel and live in another country and there is a lot of exams i have to do in order to do it and the graduation exam after 3 months and i’m going to take TOEFL in June so now I need to be sober and put these bad thoughts and behavior aside because they are the source of my fails and depression in my last five years and If i want to be successful i have to stop it or if i want to stay like now loser and can’t talk to a girl or have an eye contact

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 10

two digits finally
i’m wasting alot of time when i get tempted by watching tv or films(clean films) so i can forget about it for some hours
i tried to study in the time when i get tempted but i couldn’t do it because these temptation distract me and don’t help me focus on my study
anyway i prefer wasting time in this way and stay away from porn and MB

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 7

one week
sometimes i got tempted but i don’t know how i don’t feel that i i want to do it
i mean it wont change my mood if i did it it will make it more worse so i prefer not to do it

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
I failed

it was sad for me after all those days then failing because of some of stupid porn sites
next time i will never open porn site because if you saw something but you didn’t do it then after a few days you will do it trust me it’s a RULE

stay strong bros

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 13

yes i’m still alive
today was a tough day
i get alot of temptations and watched porn for hours but then i close it
and stayed calm

and the yoda words( it’s kinda weired) still in my mind


stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 7

i have spent a lot of time on
and it was awesome site that reveal a lot of concepts of this addiction

and i now i feel i’m stronger to continue with my streak
i won’t stay up late at night
i won’t say let’s open facebook for a one minute (cuz at least i will stay more than one hour doing nothing)
i will Do not use internet at night and i will spend the time studying for the exams

i will be more positive to all my family and friends and not stay at home alone .

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 5

I’m trying to study hard this month

about Mb i didn’t think about it in the last five days
i watched some porn today for 30 minutes
but i remembered that i shouldn’t watch that (actually i’m kindly depressed and there is nothing can change my mood so even the porn i found it ugly & not enjoyable )

i will post after some days and i think i will stay on this streak because of the gloomy atmosphere around me

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 3

I’m fine
trying to not stay alone at home until i pass the failing cycle which is 4 days

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 0

I failed today after a week of abstaining
I feel so ashamed

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 3

Fighting the failing cycle

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 0

I have to say it I failed
The real fail was on day 40 when a lot of bad things happened to me
And I decided to escape from them by Mb

After that I failed many times and the last one was today and the main cause of it is porn yes I return to watch it after that big streak
Now I,m on failing cycle and I have to find a way out

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 36

still doing good i didn’t get tempted from a while
i’m very busy these days i’m thinking about leave my home country and travel to another country and i need a huge amountof money to do that

so now i’m trying to find a new job with good revenue that can help me chase my dream

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 31

i feel much better now i got some temptation in the last few days but i handled it
also i haven’t watch porn from ten days and it’s really very helpful to clean my mind from that rubbish and start dealing with the real world
stay strong guys and don’t listen to those evil sounds that tell you you deserve to do it and it will help you to relax cause all of this are lies
and the real world is different from what you seen in the net

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
day 25

Still fighting the temptation

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