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take a march break holiday
yearning for sand and sun

I just realized that it’s been like a zillion years since I last was on holiday down south during March Break. Seriously. I think the last time might have been when I was in high school perhaps. By this time in March I’m heartily sick of the snow and cold and I think taking a sun break in the Caribbean would do wonders so I’m putting this on the list of things to do by next year.

set some personal goals for the upcoming fencing season (read all 2 entries…)
mission accomplished

Well the season is done. I’ll have to do some comparative analysis with performance metrics over last season to see if there was any improvement (i think there was) and I can mark this thing “done”. Preparations now begin for next season.

improve my use of the English language
not just for ESL ...

I don’t consider this a goal only for those for whom english is a second language. There are those of us born to this tongue who could definitly benefit from improving our use or choice of words – I know I certainly can. I find many times I have difficulty articulating an idea … maybe it’s time to start reading the Oxford dictionary.

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