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Ride on the back of a motorcycle
oooooh yeah!

My friend, Andrew, took me out on his bike this afternoon. He’d promised me a while ago that he’d take me out and take me to lunch. Today, he kept his promise. I have to admit that I was terrified at first. He took me around my safe neighborhood and did less than 20 mph most of the time. Once I was ok with that, he took me out on the road. The fastest we went was 60… WOW. What a rush! If you had seen my face the entire time, I looked like a goon. I had a BIG BRIGHT SMILE plastered to my face the ENTIRE time. He said I looked ridiculous with the dorky helmet he gave me and my oversized red sunglasses. We had lunch at Mike’s Italian restaurant… or something like that. Very cool afternoon… very cool!

lose 85 lbs (read all 2 entries…)
more on this one

im down 25 and have reached a plateau. i havent lost in the last 2 months. we’ll see. im back to working hard at it. hopefully things will get better soon.

attend Notre Dame

I’ve decided that for graduate school, I want to attend the University of Notre Dame during the summers and get my masters in Theology over the span of 7 summers. Once that happens, I can get a pay increase no matter where I work, I’ll have attended one of the finest universities nation wide, and I’ll have a higher knowledge of my faith. I’m excited!

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