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  1. 1. spend Christmas '09 in Jamaica
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  2. 2. Go to Paris
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  3. 3. go to New York
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  4. 4. Become an elemmentary teacher
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  5. 5. Be in the choir
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  6. 6. make more friends
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make more friends
make more friends

I want to learn how to make more friends. I don’t like to trust people because I’ve been let down before. I have best friends but they live so far away and I only get to see them like twice a year. I want a friend who we can just hang whenever, who I can trust and have great laughs with. I need to be more open with people and stop telling people NO!

Be in the choir

I love to sing. I have been on the choir in church as a little girl and my early days in high school. I came out because it was boring and my friends were not in it. I miss singing on the choir especially at church. It is so much fun. I am going to find out if they need people on the choir at church.

Become an elemmentary teacher

I love kids and ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to teach. I love being in control and telling people what to do. I am in school working on my degree. I know I’m going to be a wonderful teacher.

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