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  1. 1. Live in Washington DC
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  2. 2. get an acting job
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  3. 3. lose weight
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get better grades in school
Getting good grades!!

I get good grades, but I really can do better. Next year I am going 2 try and get all A’s. Hopefully I can accomplish that. =]

See Queen Elizabeth

Hey! I saw the Queen of England, but she drove past REALLY fast. Throught Washington,DC. She went to the World War 2 Memorial so we had 2 go there on a different day, but I wish we could have seen her out of her car. I wish I could meet her!

Record a song

I have recorded a song! I recorded ” Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn with my sister on my grandpas cd and he is making another cd and I am going 2 sing again.

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