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ohmygosh! demi is the best person in the world! duh. ive begged my dad to go to one of your concerts but you arent in my area! please come to nassau collisium in new york!!!!!!!!!!

Rescue an animal

i would love to rescue an animal. there are some stray cats that walk around my block and they dont get fed. i want to feed them and help them so that they can live out their “kitty” lives fully. it would also warm my heart to help those cats in need. but you see, the thing is, my dog doesnt like the cats and wants to bark at them and all my neighbors hate the cats. so if i wanted to, my parents probably wouldnt let me. all my neighbors want the cats to go away, but i feel so bad for them. i think there are like 5 or 6 of the same cat around plus 2 little baby kittens of a different breed of cat. no one knows where those cats came from, since they are babies. there is no sign of parents around. but, above all, I WILL SAVE THOSE CATS!! regardless of what my neighbors say and think.

Meet Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester

leighton meester is such a pretty girl :) i would love to meet her sometime in my life!!

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