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  1. 1. be pretty without makeup
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  2. 2. Have fun
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  3. 3. have kids when older
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  4. 4. hang with friends more
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  5. 5. dance
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  6. 6. have a life
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  7. 7. talk to more boys
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  8. 8. become a cheerleader
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  9. 9. become a different peerson
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  10. 10. Become a model
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  11. 11. be more self confident
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  12. 12. become prettier
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  13. 13. lose weight
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  14. 14. to be happy with who I am
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be pretty without makeup
how come i cant be happy with myself?

hi. im a preteen i dont wear makeup only sometimes. i think im fat and ugly. everyone says im pretty and skinny. but i dnt feel that way. i have a boyfriend but i want to brakeup with him becuz he can do so much better then me. he needs a preety and skinny girl. girls are all over him all the time and i want him to be happy wit them. becuz i knw he cant be happy wit someone like me. i starve myself so i can lose weight and i excirse but its like nothing helps me. WHY AM I SOO UGLY AND FAT? how can i feel better about myself?


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