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Find a four-leaf clover
another one!

I went through a rough life patch.. during it I found about 4 4-leaf clovers. Each one kinda picked me up. So yesterday I was feeling down, a little grumpy, a little exasperated with life. I glance at my feet as I walk, hey there’s one!. My hands are full. I go, put everything away, wander back. Its still there. It definately made me smile again! One of those little reminders to think of the good things.

But I think the secret of hte four-leaf clover is you can’t look for it. Everyone I’ve ever found, I’ve randomly spotted with a quick glance. Its like they find you.

Be accepted into the B.ed program (read all 2 entries…)

well i got in.. but, of course.. before I actually got the letter, I came up with a better way to spend the next 12 months… so i’m gonna save for a little while.. then after christmas, I’m off to travel the world. I’m hitting the down under, a little south eat asia, a whole lotta europe, then across north America. I figure I’d rather do this BEFORE student loans. And if you’re gonna take one of those “life changing” trips.. you should do it before you settle on a career. Especially with someone as indecisive as me!

Get a tattoo
everythings cool till it becomes a fad

I, as many of you discuss, designed my own and gave it a few layers of meaning so it could always be special to me. I got it at 16, and for my snall town at least, this was a time right before it got fad-ish. Back home it was not just what my tattoo meant, but the FACT that i could and would get a tattoo spoke miles about my personality. Now-a-days, and living in the city, it seems like every 2nd person has a tattoo. They became cool.. heck, then they became televised with “miami ink” and “inked”.

so if you’re gonna get a tattoo, make sure its all about you.. dont get one cause they have been ‘in’. We all know what happened to the tube sock and hair scrunchie. least those you can take off and throw in the garbage (or the costume bin).

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