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fall in love with the right person
keyword: the right person.

My first instinct was to add ‘fall in love’ to my goals, but then I realize that I already have been in love. I just don’t fall in love with the right people. I know a lot of people argue that if you think you have falled in love you might be wrong, but honestly who is someone else to tell me if I have loved or not? Love is different for everyone, they way a person feels when they are in love varies from person to person. Either way, my new goal is to not fall in love with people who don’t deserve it.

stop procrastinating
I do it WAY too much.

I actually plan on procrastinating things, it doesn’t just happen. For example, when I was making my 43 things list, I set the reminders on some of them for a month because that is when I would actually start them. Saying you have goals is one thing, but actually working towards a goal after you say you have it is another.

I am going to work on stopping… starting tomorrow.

Get more sleep

It’s 4:43 in the morning, and I am sitting on the internet making the goal of sleeping when I could be sleeping as we speak. Ever since school let out, I thought ‘YES! Now I can sleep all I want’... too bad that’s not the case. It’s only gotten worse since then. My friends stay out til all hours of the night, and I usually come home around 3, then wake up to work some mornings. There’s just too much to do instead of sleeping!

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