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pay off credit cards (read all 52 entries…)
argh, so slow $5466

I’m trying to qualify for a house in the Spring. I owe $5466 today.
It was more than double 15 months ago. Amazing.

work on my abs (read all 9 entries…)
set up in my basement. in a good spot

100 reps 3X a week… great benefits!

Floss Every Day (read all 7 entries…)
this goal is getting much easier

Flossing used to be very tedious and I didn’t have it down. Now I can floss quickly and thoroughly. I am still not doing it every day, but it’s at the point where it weighs on my consciousness if I forget. Good progress.

teach my son spanish (read all 2 entries…)

I am going to start teaching him very soon.

pay off credit cards (read all 52 entries…)

Discover – 1720

Chase 2 – 1520

Chase 1 – 2388

It’s so weird to see some of these balances below 2000. For the longest time they were all at 5K or more!

have another child (read all 6 entries…)
December 12th.

If my fiancee keeps his promise, we can TTC our second child around December 10-15th. It’s hard to trust him since he has changed his mind many times about big decisions. I can’t picture him letting me down, but I am still nervous.

lift weights every Monday night at 9 PM (read all 9 entries…)
Intimidating to work out after a long stretch

The days where I was running 20 miles a week, lifting weights 3-4 times a week, and studying to be a personal trainer seem like so long ago. I am nothing like that now, even though I only weigh about 10 lbs. more than I did back then. At 5’6”, an extra 10 lbs is noticeable, but no one would say I am overweight.

I feel like I am so removed from a “fit” lifestyle that I can never be back where I was at age 23. But now I have a block of time where I can work out, so I should take advantage of it.

I am about to go for a 20 minute jog, so that when I hit the gym tomorrow I am a little less intimidated.

design my own wedding dress
almost done

I wouldn’t say I am designing my own dress from scratch, but I am searching for the right dress, boots, accessories, etc.

So far I found the dress, bracelet, and scarf.

I still need tights and boots.

So far it’s costing me 150 for the dress, 35 for the bracelet, and 15 for the scarf. That puts me at 200 dollars.

If I can find boots for less than 100 dollars I am still in my budget.

pay off credit cards (read all 52 entries…)
Allright, what balance do I want for 2010?

When 2010 opens, I want my balance BELOW $4800. I can realistically pay off the balance that year. I probably will be CC debt free by the opening of 2011. That is crazy. I have had a CC balance since 1999, my freshman year of college. It’s been one of the biggest negative factors in my life. Now it’s almost gone. I know as I write this that I have over 5K going, but it wasn’t until very very recently that I had the means to STOP using them and never made enough money to make large payments until now.

pay off credit cards (read all 52 entries…)
New balance $ 5897

chase 1 2513
chase 2 1594
discover 1790

Next month’s monthly payments will be $125, $80, and $75, respectively.

When I leave for Italy, I want my balance at $5600. :)

Read more (read all 3 entries…)
Living the simple life

I’m about half done with it. It’s a really useful book!

Floss Every Day (read all 7 entries…)
Flossing about 6 times a week now.

My dentist scared me and said I had a mild case of gingivitis and that the only way to prevent it is by flossing every day. She said that any sign of bleeding gums is gingivitis in the making. That freaked me out enough to force me to do it a lot more often. I only forgot to floss twice since my appointment 2 weeks ago.

I even saw Youtube videos of periodontal disease (which is what happens when gingivitis gets worse) and wow, that was a huge wake up call!

pay off my student loan (read all 9 entries…)

The interest rate is still really low and has low monthly payments. I would rather pay off CC’s and my car balance instead.

Write a will

I am writing my will in November.

I also have to get updated copies of my life insurance policy, Numan’s LI policy, and a bunch of other accounts. Get copies made and put into a special place so if I die they are accessible.

make my own cards (read all 4 entries…)

Today I am making my very first card for my co-worker’s birthday!

Compost (read all 5 entries…)
finished the pile

I am done contributing to the pile. After 6 weeks, I see no change. I will see what happens in the spring.

Get rid of stuff
This will take a while

The idea of having so much stuff you have to throw it out makes me uneasy. Our culture (USA) is so obsessed with having lots of belongings that it wrecks havoc on the environment. Resources are stripped from the planet just to manufacture these thing. Many of them are cheaply made so people can get them on sale at Walmart. Then after a few uses, we tend to stuff them in a basement/attic corner. It piles up for years, and then if we are lucky we find time to get rid of it. Then the landfills are taxed because all this crap will now go there and sit there for thousands of years.

So as long as I can be somewhat “green” about this, it’s very therapeutic and rewarding. I am also reading a book called Living the Simple Life by Elaine St. James. I read a couple of chapters, then get rid of more stuff.

This is not just about getting rid of stuff. It’s also about making the stuff you have useful. For example, I have several bags of boys’ clothing. My son who is nearly 3 can use this stuff. It would be a shame if I just went out and bought him a whole new wardrobe because I forgot about these bags of clothes. I would have to yet again have them donated or they would wind up in the trash! Luckily I came across the bags just in time.

So now I am washing the donated clothes to create his fall wardrobe. I am using a long cycle with hot water because I smell a strong perfume on the clothes. To ease my guilt I will line dry the load.

The other day I tossed out a ton of old bills, checks, bank statements, check stubs, etc. I composted some of it and recycled the rest.

I’m getting there little by little. Hopefully I won’t have much to throw out and this goal is just a matter of organizing. Whatever I do have to get rid of I really hope another family can use it.

expand my music collection (read all 3 entries…)
starting soon

Here’s a list of a few songs I just added

I am creating a Spanish CD, a 70’s CD an 80’s CD, a 90’s CD, some crazy shit that’s more modern (like Tool or Sinch), and probably a few other things.

Drive – The Cars
Esta Noche Contigo – Joaquin Sabina
Oh Sherrie – Steve Perry
Un cachito de tu corazon – Mana
keep forgetting – michael mcdonald
all I need – simply red
instrumental machine gun – the commodores

clear up my acne (read all 2 entries…)
Retin-A cream saved my life.

I finally found something that worked! I don’t have insurance, so paying a dermatologist to write a prescription and then paying full price for retin-a cream was not an option. Instead, I ordered 4 tubes from Canada for under $100!

I think they are expired product, since there is a date stamped on the bottom from a few months ago. I don’t know if that’s the exp. date or the date it was made. I don’t care either way. My skin is much better!!!

pay off credit cards (read all 52 entries…)

Chase 1 2500
Chase 2 1670
Discover 1790

I can’t believe I am BELOW 6,000! A year ago I was OVER 12K!

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