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run the Thanksgiving road race and 3 others this year (read all 7 entries…)
I didn't run 4 races, but I still think I did well.

For 2008 I would like to actually complete this goal… but at least in 2007 I did the hardest one on my list :)

Floss Every Day (read all 7 entries…)
I am starting a new habit

I am going to do this every night after taking my birth control pill. I keep the floss right next to the pack of pills so I can’t forget!

breastfeed for two years (read all 19 entries…)
Still breastfeeding

Lately the feedings are only once or twice. Maybe once a week I will feed him 3 times in a day. We always do a morning feeding, and sometimes that’s all he gets for the whole day. He is so distracted in the afternoon that the afternoon feeding takes longer and he loses interest fast.

put all my finances in Quicken (read all 2 entries…)
Totally worth doing

I am able to track my spending and find out where the money is going. I also know my total debt and I found out that I actually pay off close to 900 dollars a month toward credit cards, student loans and car payment. It made the debt situation not look so bad because it’s getting smaller every month.

Own my own business (read all 4 entries…)
I have to register my business today...

I get lost in the paperwork because I really have no idea what I am doing. I don’t understand most of the vocabulary in it, and when I make phone calls I only get other phone numbers to call. I call those numbers and I get weird information I don’t understand. I am just being a baby about it, I know…

I have to educate myself on it and just sift through the paperwork.

When Elias goes down for his nap, I will roll up my sleeves and get started!

put all my finances in Quicken (read all 2 entries…)
just downloaded a 2 month trial

It will take a while to put everything down, but it will be worth it. Being a waitress, I really have no clue how much money I am making or where it’s going. I also want exact balances of my student/car loans, etc.

run the Thanksgiving road race and 3 others this year (read all 7 entries…)
6 days to go

The race is next Thursday and I already ran 2.6 miles. I will try to aim for 3 miles tonight. Then I have to run again on Sunday and Tuesday.

My goal is to run 4 miles before race day.

make a smaller ecological footprint (read all 5 entries…)
Hardly use paper towels anymore

I ripped some of my son’s cloth diapers in half and use those to clean with now. It’s so much easier and more durable. I also cut down my use of water by washing my hair every other day instead of every day. So half my showers are only 5 minutes long since I am only washing my body. That was the only way I could reduce my shower time.

One thing I do though, that I can’t seem to stop doing, is eating meat. I eat meat MAYBE once or twice a week. And when I do it’s only 1-2 ounces. I just love the taste but I never make meat my main dish. It’s usually a couple of bites here and there just to satisfy my taste buds.

pay off credit cards (read all 52 entries…)
$12,100 as of today

It’s going sooooo slow!

buy the old Sesame Street episodes (read all 7 entries…)
11 days to go!!!

I can’t believe I have to wait almost 2 more weeks… it’s going to go by sooooooo slow!

It comes out in 8 days, and I ordered express shipping for an extra $4. Usually I don’t bother paying extra but I WILL NOT put myself through any more misery just to save a few bucks!!!

Exercise 4 times a week! (read all 15 entries…)
I am actually doing this!

My paper route would count as one time per week…

I’ve been weight training twice a week and jogging too. My road race is less than 4 weeks away. I feel totally commited!

lift weights every Monday night at 9 PM (read all 9 entries…)

Last week I did my biceps, back and legs.

Yesterday I did triceps, shoulders and chest.

I am sore! Pretty soon I will be doing this much more often. It’s easy now because my workouts are shorter and less frequent. I am starting slow because I will be too sore to move otherwise.

sell my car (read all 2 entries…)
Big priority

I will save $241 a month, plus an additional $80 a month on insurance!!!

I only put up an ad in a couple of places… no luck. I have to expand to the Hartford Courant and maybe a couple other places.

breastfeed for two years (read all 19 entries…)
2-3 feedings a day only

No more nighttime feedings! I nurse him 2X a day if I am working that day, and about 3X if I am off.

breastfeed for two years (read all 19 entries…)
1 year down!!! 1 year to go :)

I am thinking of dropping the nighttime feeding.

I can nurse him morning and afternoon. It’s so hard on me emotionally go give it up! But my sex drive hasn’t returned so I think that dropping a feeding will help.

Is 2 feedings a day enough for a 1 year old? I feel like I am depriving him :(

breastfeed for 1 yr

The entire planet is asking me now, “When are you going to stop doing that?

I didn’t know that the BF benefits automatically stopped at 1 year, and I had no clue that people were so interested in what my child eats.

What is it with people and breastfeeding? I’m made out to be some kind of child abuser because I am not interested in weaning yet. It’s not like my child is 30 years old and asking for my boob!

Not ONE person has congratulated me for going this long. NOT ONE!

open a money market account
Not wise when you have CC balances

I will re-focus this goal to paying off CC’s!

pay off credit cards (read all 52 entries…)
What if there's no way to complete this goal?

My CC balance is the same. I make payments like mad, but then I have to buy groceries and I don’t have the money… so I charge the groceries and then pay my CC back on payday. I REFUSE to let the balance grow… so I buy what is necessary and then pay card back when I get paid.

People say that in order to get CC balances under control, you must cut out luxuries and stop using the card. But what my spending was never an issue? I have NO luxuries whatsoever. Never did, never will… at least for a while. It was never part of my lifestyle. I mean, I don’t need jewelry or cable or nice smelling soaps and lotions for my body. I don’t need to eat out. My son and I wear secondhand clothing and it doesn’t bother me at all. So the first part doesn’t really apply to me!

However, I need to eat, my son needs to eat, and frankly there is usually no other option than to charge our groceries or a tank of gas. I make 20 thousand a year and much of it is eaten up by student loans and CC bills.

So the balance is not increasing, but it’s definitely not going down either. I hate myself for it. $12K is a HUGE CC balance! It is the barrier that keeps me from being free to meet my financial goals.

Should I stop saving for retirement? I put away about 8% of my earnings. $130 to be exact. My CC interest is pretty low at 4.9%. What should I do??? I NEED to find a way to pay them off!

Own my own business (read all 4 entries…)
Checklist for Sept. 27 and 28

1. Call Bill, my business coach.
ask about Marketing, tell him I don’t want to do plan B
ask what Quarterlies are

2. Read over intro packet and do what’s necessary.

3. Work on my QB course.

make my own cards (read all 4 entries…)

I need space on my list for more important goals. Plus I don’t mind buying cards anyway :)

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