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  1. 1. stop chewing the inside of my mouth
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  2. 2. i want to become rich
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  3. 3. own a range rover fully loaded
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  4. 4. live
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  5. 5. love my life
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  6. 6. i want a daughter
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  7. 7. get married
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  8. 8. be loved
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be loved
how about it?

the look i give
when i look at you
you look back, you say what?
i look away
i look back at you you look to me -“what?”
when i look at you im asking for love
do you love me?
im always looking at you
admiring everything about you
you look 2 me with why?
i cant help my love for you
we loved so well together
now it fades
and again…
sometimes i am conflicted
sometimes i dont understand
most times i have no answer
but i love you that i know
i look to you for answers
i look to you for love
i look to you with all that i am
so how about it?
when will you look at me
when will you see me
when will you look to me with love
with all that you are
how about it?

get married
yes -please!

id love to marry him
hes the one the only one
theres no one else there will never be any one else
hes my best friend my only real friend
the one i love the other half of me
hes the only man i see
the only man ill ever need
he’s truely the one for me
he makes me laugh he makes me cry
he makes me feel so good inside
i love everything about him
he’s devoted to me
he’s a great father and when he smiles ya cant help but smile back. he’s infectious i am consumed
i am consumed with overwelming love
sometimes i think i dont deserve this or him
but he tells me i do we deserve the best we deserve each other
were the happiest we’ve ever been!

i want a daughter
i want more kids

i want a daughter
i have a 3 yr old son hes the best
hes my best friend
he has a sister and a brother from another mother lol
but i want a daughter of my own i think then i will
be complete will see then
but not now just when im ready its too bad ya cant pick what ya get when its going down lol

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