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August 23, 2010

1. Exercise
2. Body Scan Meditation
3. Follow up with M. Univ. interview
4. Apply for 15 jobs
5. Create a government resume
6. Budget/pay bills
7. Clean the bathroom
8. Go to to grocery store and buy: grapes, Dessert Essence, soap, bread
9. Create a blog schedule
10. Email Jordan back
11. Call pappaps
12. Take a walk/read book

find a job
Laid off a year and a half ago.

Its been tough keeping my confidence up, when I get rejection letters sent to my inbox almost every day. I’ll admit I’ve been depressed and sometimes I don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning. I tend to get attached to certain jobs, for example – I’m currently waiting on a response from a job I interviewed for three weeks ago. They were supposed to contact me last week, so now I’m forced to do a follow-up. I really saw myself getting this job and attached myself to it. So, now when I receive that rejection letter, I’m going to so disappointed, and I realize that is of my own doing.

SO, a plan is needed. I think I need to have a schedule for daily job searching. I think this will keep be on better track and I can make sure I do all the essentials – searching, networking, etc. without getting attached to any specific job. Any suggestions? I’m going to do a online search to get some tips.


drink less coffee
How I Love You Coffee Shop...

I’m not drinking coffee everyday of the week. Will it be hard? Yes. I love going to the coffee shop and enjoying a cup along with my baked good, but this habit is costing me more money than I would like. I’m going to stop drinking it so much, in hopes to break my addiction from coffee shops (I don’t kid). I’m going to visit the coffee shop once a week. I deserve a treat here and there, but not all of the time. I would like to have extra money for other things.

Update: Ok, so I have realized why coffee shops are so important to me. Considering that I am long term unemployed, I use the coffee shop as an escape from my apartment – a chance to see other people. So, instead of limiting my coffee shop trips, I would rather change my beverage choice. I don’t see myself as being addicted to coffee, but instead of buying pricey/unhealthy sugary coffee drinks, I will only buy drip coffee and tea. I will refrain from buying sugary baked goods, which drastically increase my bill and waistline. Instead I will only enjoy a baked good, once a week.

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