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Get a tattoo
get my tattos

i first want to get a tattoo of hebrew down the back left of my arm.
Then the inisal. on my upper back, i got started but never finished.

get back in shape

start to work out again, a least 1 hour a day.

forgive all my enemies in person
forgive enemies

forgive all the people that i have either beat down on, or caused problems with, or they have caused with me.

have children
a child

want to have children, healthy, and wont die on the day of his/her birth(in loving memory Melissa B)my first

be the way i was before the year 2000
how i used to be

be the way i was before 2000 when my life got fucked up.
and everything started to go down hill.
want that old feeling back

quit smokin
quit smokin pot

quit smokin POT, it was all good at first felt like it actually helped me. but after 8+ years its just getting old. no it aint a gate way drug.

move out the city
city life huuu

move up out the damn city, too much crime, too much of too much in the city.

Swim with a dolphin

swim w/ a dolphin or 2.

sell my truck and use the money to GET OUT OF TEXAS.
sell,use, get away

sell my truck so i have enough money to not swet, not having money. while i’m out checking the site(across america)

love my family

learn to love them more, and express it

find myself
find me

find what makes me , ME

learn sign langage
learn sign lang.

learn to use other words, besides the 1’s that come out of my month..

see the oceans
see oceans

see the ocean, see all the oceans and swim n them.

lie alot less

stop lieing about so mush shit

Learn to ride

Learn to ride a horse, i dont know why. But i dont think i ever have?
i tell u what thats some REAL horse power;)

make good money
get some money

get something going that i can make easy,good money. W/out working myself to death!!

see the Lands
Holy lands

see the Holy Lands, walk the path of Jesus, maybe.
Holy Sites all over the world

get a business degree

get a business degree, then mybay go on to get my Master

See an iceberg

see a iceberg up close and personal

own a house
house of own

to own a house of my own.
I dont really care what it looks like as long as it’s MINE

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