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stop wasting time
hum drum

every day it seems like i’m just wasting time until i can get through it. then start all over again. why?? what’s the point? i would really like to be more interested in living. what’s wrong with me????????

really live life

I’m so tired of floating through life. I feel very disconnected from the actual living of it. Why don’t I want to get into life and live it? Why am I content to sit by and watch other people live it? Well, not really content so much as unmotivated.

be more affectionate to my husband

A photographer friend of mine took some sexy pictures of me to give to my husband as a gift. I was so surprised how much that process affected the way I feel about and view myself. I would suggest finding a way to feel sexy for yourself before trying to feel sexy for someone else. Change happens from the inside out.
(btw, they were classy, sexy photos, not raunchy or anything. I don’t think that would have been a positive expression of what’s inside me.)

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